Jonathan Markey, PE


Jonathan Markey has over 15 years of professional engineering experience in

real estate development projects as well as renewable energy design covering wind turbine and groundā€based solar projects. Professional experience encompassed all phases from conception and planning, to feasibility and permitting, and to final construction.


Markey also teaches renewable energy at Boston University and North Shore Community College, concentrating on economic factors and environmental benefits of renewable and alternative energies.


Ian Rubin, PE


Ian Rubin has over 30 years of professional engineering experience in civil-site and land surveying design. He was president and owner of a civil engineering and surveying company for 14 years. This company started in Hudson, MA in 1988, then expanded in 1998, when he acquired a 30 year old engineering business, in Acton, MA.


Rubin has more recently ventured into different avenues in real estate including development, sales and marketing.


PO Box 957     Acton, MA 01720